( 8 Vertical Line, 4 Horizontal Line,4 laser lines combine to a plane).
Waterproof grade: IP54
Laser class:II
Damping Type: Magnetic
Leveling duration:<= 4s
Laser Level Line Width at 10M: 3.5mm
Horizontal,Vertical Precision: +- 2mm @ 10M
Orthotropic accuracy: 90 degree   +-  30"
Leveling Range:  +- 4 (Degree)
Working time:
4 Hrs /1pcs 3.7v/1800mah battery
Working Temperature: 0 to 40    (Centigrade)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 (Centigrade)
KaiTian Laser Level Packing List :
Choose different 3D Laser Level Green product models in Color.
4 types of power supply:
3.7V  800mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery x 1pcs,
1.5V  AA batteries ,
1.2V  AA batteries ,
AC 100-240v Adapter
Laser Level automatic leveling mode:
Once the pendulum is in unlocked condition,the instrument will be self-leveling within 4 degrees, when the
unit is using out of the leveling range,laser lines and main indicator will keep flickering
Laser Level Tilt  Function:
Switch to Lock Status, Press D button 2 second .
Laser level would not be flickering in any angle.
To operate in this tilt function, you need an angle adjusted bracket to work with it.
Laser Level Receiver function :
In indoor working radius is 10 meters,if use outdoor receiver working radius can be up to 50 meters.
Outdoor Receiver  frequency   within 4.5 ~ 10 KHZ

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